BiV – Geoscience BC map gets instant results. Survey has spurred claims on 250 square kilometres of land.

By Nelson Bennett.

A new aeromagnetic map of a 9,600-square-kilometre region of Northeast B.C. that was unveiled near the end of January has produced almost instant results in the form of new mineral claims being staked.

At the Association For Mineral Exploration Roundup conference on January 23, Geoscience BC unveiled its latest mineral mapping exercise. It was the third such exercise in the non-profit organization’s Quest mapping project, which uses low-flying aircraft outfitted with magnetometers to take detailed magnetic readings of a large region.

Since the new Search Phase III map was released publicly, some 250 square kilometres of mineral tenures have been acquired, according to Bruce Madu, vice-president of minerals and mining for Geoscience BC. “We think 250 square kilometres within weeks of the survey is quite significant,” Madu said.

“I’m aware of four to six companies that have been picking up new tenures in the area.” One of the companies applying for mineral exploration tenures was Vancouver’s Serengeti Resources Inc.

On March 1, Serengeti announced that it had staked eight claims – a total of 7,670 hectares – as a direct result of the new map.

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