BiV – Wolverine coalmine owners told to stop trucking coal

The new owners of the Wolverine metallurgical coal mine near Tumbler Ridge have been ordered by the provincial government to stop moving coal by truck and move it by rail.

There’s just one big problem: There’s currently no railway service to the mine. According to the terms of its mine permit, Conuma Coal Resources Ltd. is only supposed to transport coal from its Wolverine mine by rail.

According to a BC Environmental Assessment Office non-compliance order issued July 5, 50 to 100 trucks per day have been moving coal 150 kilometres from the Wolverine mine to its Willow Creek mine site near Chetwynd for the last four months.

Although the Willow Creek mine is still idled, it has a railway loadoff, which explains why Conuma has been trucking coal there. The spur line that was used to move coal from the Wolverine mine was shut down by CN Rail in 2014 after the mine shut down.

The Alaska Highway News reported in February that CN Rail had agreed to reopen that spur line, after the Wolverine mine restarted. But the line has yet to reopen, according to an official at the District of Tumbler Ridge.

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