CBC – Corporate, mining and out of territory donations fill Yukon campaign coffers. Yukon places no restrictions on campaign financing, which means large corporate donations for some parties

Yukon New Democratic Party Leader Liz Hanson says the Yukon is the “wild west” of political money, in the wake of the release of Elections Yukon’s 2016 report on political contributions in the territory.

In the Yukon, there are no limits on the dollar value of political campaign contributions, no restrictions on corporate donors, and no restrictions on where in the country political contributions might come from.

The only constraint Yukon political parties face when it comes to political contributions is the requirement that all contributions be reported, and any contributors of $250 or more be made public. In a report dated May 30, Elections Yukon released reported political contributions for 2016 — an election year in the territory, won by the Yukon Liberals.

The report includes both annual and campaign contributions. In 2016, the Yukon Party raised $236,015, the Yukon Liberals raised $233,243, the Yukon Greens raised $5,948 and the Yukon NDP raised $165,817.

Some of the donations were recorded as cash equivalents for in-kind donations of time or services. According to the report, a quarter of the Yukon Liberal Party’s total revenue came from mining companies, including $50,000 from Copper North Mining, and $7,500 from Selwyn Chihong Mining Ltd., both based in Vancouver.

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