CBC – Local governments say proposed quarry next to regional park could hurt environment, recreation

The road to the Fraser Valley’s Sumas Mountain Inter-Regional Park is mostly used by families and mountain bikers, but Metro Vancouver staff are worried about a new kind of user: dump trucks.

That’s because a gravel and decorative rock quarry proposal, with a lease area overlapping the park’s boundaries, is being considered by the province. If approved, Metro Vancouver says it would bring a major increase in truck traffic to the area to haul away 59,000 tonnes of material every year for up to 10 years.

“The biology and ecology of the area may be affected if this project goes ahead, and certainly the recreational activities will be interfered with, affected and hampered,” said Frieda Schade, Metro Vancouver’s manager of planning and engineering for parks.

“The area won’t be as enjoyable either for humans and the plants and animals.” Metro Vancouver staff are recommending the regional district register its opposition to the quarry at a Wednesday meeting. The Fraser Valley Regional District, which co-manages the park with Metro Vancouver, will also consider a motion Tuesday morning to oppose the project

…. Schade points to a 2010 study by the City of Abbotsford that calls it “one of the last relatively intact forested expanses in the lower Fraser Valley,” which survives as a natural island in an area heavily used for industry and agriculture. She says it is home to 40 species at risk, including the Pacific giant salamander, mountain beaver and the olive-sided flycatcher.

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