CFCJ – Has anybody been listening to us on Ajax?

KAMLOOPS —  There’s enough in the joint federal-provincial report on Ajax to make you wonder whether anybody in senior government bureaucracies has been listening. The book-length report, entitled the Joint Federal Comprehensive Study/ Provincial Assessment Report, released this week, acknowledges the damage that Ajax would do to First Nations rights and enjoyment of the land, but is complacent about environmental concerns, taking the position that mitigation measures will address them. It notes key adverse effects on such things as water quality, fish habitat, noise and vibration but points to off-setting mitigation measures — design, monitoring, etc. It confirms that the mine would likely cause “significant cumulative effects” to heritage and current use of lands and resources for traditional purposes but then adds, “For other value components examined under the former Act and B.C. Environmental Assessment Act, the Report concludes that the Ajax Mine Project is not likely to cause significant adverse effects.” …Full article:

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