FNWARM Interview – CFNR FM – No provincial Charges in Mount Polley breach

…Jacinda Mack is the mining coordinator of FNWARM-First Nations Woman Advocating Responsible Mining, an initiative comprised of indigenous women who’s ‘priority is to protect their homes, communities and traditional lands and waters from the type of mining practices that have left BC riddled with close to 2,000 abandoned mines – two-thirds of which are still spewing pollutants,’ according to their website.

She says it is a national event because Mount Polley is a warning to those living near mines and dams across the country, and a demonstration of how much still needs to be done to make them safe. Mack is planning to hold vigils across the province to honour the water and inform people about the ongoing disaster. Mack says the disaster is ongoing because the mine is still operating and still releasing pollutants into the watershed.

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The current wildfire situation outside of Quesnel will mean that they cannot hold the gatherings at Quesnel Lake, so Mack is asking everyone to go to their local water source and share their appreciation on social media with the hashtag Sister Streams.

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