iHeart Radio – More needs to be done to protect areas affected by mining: advocacy groups

A delegation of regional and national Indigenous and advocacy groups are in Saint Andrews this week as Canada’s energy ministers meet for their annual conference. They want to tell the ministers that more needs to be done to protect the environment and communities affected by mining.

Organizers say they are not against clean growth or clean energy, but say it’s not possible without clean mining. According to the delegation, recent studies suggests a 60 per cent increase in rates of catastrophic failures and large mining spills worldwide over the last two decades. They say governments need to work with stakeholders to do what is necessary before there is another disaster like the one at Mount Polley in British Columbia two years ago.

A recent study on the proposed Sisson Mine project in New Brunswick suggests there are several problems with the proposed tailings storage facility design that have not been addressed by government. The report, by Dr. David Chambers of the Center for Science in Public Participation, says the design is “business-as-usual, using the same tailings storage facility design and water cover approach used at the failed Mount Polley tailings storage facility.”

It goes on to say that the current design “appears to prioritize economic considerations over safety, in direct contradiction to the overarching Mount Polley Expert Panel recommendation.”

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