KAPA Submission to Professional Reliance Review 

Modernizing BCs Mining Laws and Mineral Tenure Act

*In 2013, the Union of BC Municipalities passed resolution B-80, calling on the government to modernize BC Mining laws. This resolution was initiated by Tofino Mayor, Josie Osborne. Unfortunately the government ignored the resolution. Now that we have a new government, KAPA is asking the UBCM to resurrect resolution B-80.
*Kamloops City Councillor, Dieter Dudy, is taking his “no-mining zones ” idea to the Southern Interior Local Government Association which meets at the end of April and then will take it to UBCM.

*Kamloops City Councillor Arjun Singh, who is also first vice president of the UBCM,  will ask at the next meeting that they resurrect Resolution B 80 (2013) requesting the government to modernize the Mineral Tenure Act.
*Arjun Singh and Josie Osborne, Mayor of Tofino, requested a meeting with Minister Mungall at UBCM last September expressly to discuss the Mineral Tenure Act. They outlined the background and purpose for Resolution B-80. Being very new in government, Mungall did not give any indication of interest or disinterest in MTA renewal, but did explain the their priority was initially to be around First Nations interests. Mayor Osborne will consult with Arjun Singh on resurrecting resolution B-80.


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