Pebble Mine Investment Risk Warning: New Report Examines Hunter Dickinson Track Record.

By Joan Kuyek,

(Ottawa, February 28, 2018) A report released today by MiningWatch Canada examines the track record of Vancouver-based international mining corporation Hunter Dickinson Inc. (HDI) and exposes its affiliate Northern Dynasty Minerals, Ltd., the company promoting the controversial proposed Pebble mine in Alaska’s sensitive Bristol Bay, as a highly risky speculative investment, calling its risk levels “unprecedented even among other junior mining companies.”

The report, “Behind the Pebble Mine: Hunter Dickinson Inc., the Canadian Mining Company You’ve Never Heard Of,” analyzes the risks for potential long-term investors in the Pebble Partnership, based on a review of nineteen past and current projects promoted by the Hunter Dickinson family of companies. The report concludes that the long-term outcomes of HDI projects have not been good news for investors, for communities, for governments or for the environment.

It shows the proposed Pebble mine to be one of many troubled and troubling projects controlled and promoted by Hunter Dickinson over the past twenty-five years. The report examines the Hunter Dickinson family of companies, their track records and current situations, and the implications for the prospects of Northern Dynasty and the Pebble Partnership.

“The report was prepared for the benefit of all investors and stakeholders,” said MiningWatch Canada spokesperson Jamie Kneen.

He added, “MiningWatch Canada is deeply concerned about the mining sector’s institutional practices and financial accountability, especially the risk of unfunded liabilities. In this case, we have found much that is of concern, and we want to make sure investors are aware of it.”

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