Rivers Without Borders – Company drops bid to buy Tulsequah Chief mine – new study shows “unacceptable risks” from mine pollution

(JUNEAU) A private company, Black Loon Metals, has dropped its interest in purchasing the abandoned Tulsequah Chief mine, according to sources in Alaska and British Columbia (B.C.). At the same time an Aquatic Ecological Risk Assessment released by the B.C. government on July 18 documents “unacceptable risks” from the ongoing acid mine drainage from Tulsequah Chief.  “This new study finds ‘unacceptable risks’ from acid mine drainage pouring out of the abandoned Tulsequah Chief mine and should put to rest claims that the pollution is not harming fish and water quality.  After two bankruptcies and failed attempts to sell the mine out of receivership, it is clear the Tulsequah Chief is not a viable mine, financially, environmentally or politically,” said Chris Zimmer, Alaska Campaign Director for Rivers Without Borders. “The only way to stop the illegal and clearly harmful acid mine drainage from the abandoned mine into the salmon-rich Taku watershed is for B.C. to honor its promises and take responsibility for mine cleanup and closure.”…

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