The Straight – Jens Wieting: The future is here for the new B.C. government—with hurricane force. By Jens Weiling.

Unprecedented climate change-fuelled wildfires and hurricanes are a stark global warning that we have little time to contribute to global solutions to save nature, phase out fossil fuels, and leap to a low-carbon economy.

In British Columbia alone, over one million hectares of forests have burned so far, the highest number since records started, and forest-fire emissions were at close to 200 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in August—more than three times the official emissions of this province. After thousands of years with a relatively stable climate, it is now in our hands, at this moment of time, as to whether or not we can stabilize the climate.

It certainly means that our governments must act like they mean it, to save our world as we know it. B.C. has a unique opportunity and must play a crucial role in the fight against global warming. The province is outstanding due to its large size, spectacular beauty, and vast natural resources that together confer wealth on a relatively small human population. Our use of this abundance, however, has been in many cases shortsighted and unfair. A new vision is needed.

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