Vancouver Co-op Radio – Democracy North: The Dam Problem in BC.

Vancouver Co-op Radio –  Democracy North: The Dam Problem in BC.

There are two dam reasons to be very concerned about what’s going on in BC. The company responsible for the Mount Polley mine spill—one of the largest environmental disasters in Canadian history—has found out it’s not going to face any charges in British Columbia.

BC is #2 (after China) with the world’s worst records of dam breaks and mining spills. And then there is the BC government’s Site C decision with the public subsidy for free market industrial power.

The controversial approval by the BC NDP of Site C, the Liberal’s pet project, turned many heads and upset NDP grassroots and created a feeling of anger amongst Green Party voters.

BC has a dam problem and it’s not limited to one project, and critically important to consider with a view to history… colonial history. Land management history that has, at it’s core, Indigenous displacement and land grabs.  Profiting wealthy white men like Imperial Metals’ CEO who lives overseas to avoid paying taxes to British Columbia and Canada. Imperial had an intimate relationship to the previous government.

The current government chose not to prosecute provincially and the opportunity to get paid back the millions pf dollars the province has spent on Mt. Polley.  Perhaps not all so strange when one considers the century and a half of colonialism which continues today. Let’s be honest here.

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