Williams Lake Tribune LTE – Quesnel Lake update misleading.

 By Doug Watt. Likely.

Editor: It was interesting to read the opening sentence of the April 5, 2018 Williams Lake Tribune newspaper story on Dr. Bernard Laval’s presentation at the University of Northern BC (UNBC) about the Mount Polley tailings disaster into Quesnel Lake: “Materials deposited into Quesnel Lake from the Mount Polley Mine breach are slowly getting flushed out with time.”

The presentation as a whole can be viewed on the UNBC website at: This opening statement is in fact misleading, as the vast majority of the 8,000,000 M3 of tailings and solids sitting on the bottom of Quesnel Lake will remain there, forever, and untreated.

What is true is that it has caused long-term and ongoing impacts on the Quesnel Lake aquatic environment, a fact that has been denied and ignored by both Mount Polley Mining Corp (MPMC) and the B.C. Ministry of Environment (MoE).

Local residents have long complained about the immediate effects that have been, and continue to be noticed, on Quesnel Lake’s west basin, such as turbid waters, “rock snot,” slimy water, clogged filters, etc.


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